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Joseph Pierre Roméo Vachon

Birth: June 29, 1898
Birthplace: Sainte-Marie-de-la-Beauce, Quebec
Inducted: 1974
Death: December 17, 1954

"His complete dedication to the advancement of manned flight in the service of frontier communities, in his dual capacity as pilot and air engineer, has been of outstanding benefit to Canadian aviation."

Roméo Vachon served with the Royal Navy as an engineer until his discharge in 1919, when he enlisted in the Canadian Air Force. During his career he piloted a WWI flying boat in which he flew forestry patrols and, after the war's end, he flew the first airmail service at Rimouski, Quebec with Canadian Transcontinental Airways. In 1928 Vachon successfully designed a new aerial service for the forwarding of mail to and from Europe. In 1936, as director of Canadian Airways, Vachon also set up new aerial transportation facilities in Labrador and Newfoundland to service the mining industry.

Archie Vanhee

Birth: September 15, 1909
Birthplace: Jabbeke, Belgium
Inducted: 1987
Death: May 3, 2009

"With his continued involvement in flying over half a century he demonstrated a unique ability in assisting many pilots in the art of instrument flying , and thus contributing significantly to the advancement of aviation in Canada."

Archie Vanhee was educated in Belgium and Canada, later enrolling in the Aviation Preparatory Institute of New York. During his career he was hired as a helper-mechanic, pilot engineer and flew numerous rescue missions. In 1939 he became an instructor at the Seaplane Training School in B.C. where he instructed on the Vedette, Vancouver, Stranraer, Norseman, Hudson, Cessna Crane and Northrop Delta aircraft. In 1941 he took command of the Hudson Training Unit, then later worked with Cansos, specializing in instrument flying training. In 1944 he was posted to a ferry command in the United Kingdom but after the war he returned to Halifax. He became Director of Instrument Flying Training in 1945 and was demobilized with the rank of Squadron Leader. In 1949 Vanhee moved to Vancouver to fly for Canadian Pacific Airlines Overseas Lines and later that year was the first captain of the first direct Honolulu-Vancouver flight by a Canadian aircraft.

Joseph Armand Gerard Fernand Villeneuve

Birth: July 2, 1927
Birthplace: Buckingham, Quebec
Inducted: 2006
Awards: AFC, CD

"His skill and dedication as a military aerobatics pilot, the professionalism of his work in aircraft accident investigation and prevention, and his long-standing contributions to the Canadian Air Cadet gliding program have resulted in lasting benefit to Canadian aviation."

2006 Induction Video - Biography of J.A.G.F. "Fern" Villeneuve

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