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Message from the Chairman

On June 15,2017 we logged another outstanding Gala Induction dinner. With attendance of close to 400, 4 new members, an aerobatic team deserving for the Belt of Orion Award, and Vancouver International Airport as our hosts. Mike Matthews and the dinner committee presented us an evening worth of those we honoured.

Our next Induction dinner will take place on June the 7th 2018 in Calgary, and we recently announced names of the inductees. But rather than discussing our 2018 dinner, which will receive much publicity in the months to come, I want to focus on the 2019 Induction.

We look forward to receiving new nominations every year to add to the active submissions our Nomination Review Committee (NRC) diligently reviews. If you have previously submitted a nomination for consideration please take the time to update your submission.

When preparing a new nomination please follow the procedure that is outlined on our website. This makes it easier for the NRC to evaluate your nomination. Don’t hesitate to cal us if you need help.

I encourage our members and the friends of the Hall to make the task for selecting the 2019 Nominees more challenging for the Nominations Review Committee to select new Members and Belt of Orion organizations. Take the time to look around you at your friends, colleagues, former employers, those you had the honour to serve with, and seek out people you feel worthy of nomination.

When I look at the current Members, I see a number of areas we may not have seen enough candidates from, specifically in the area of Engineering and the broader Aerospace Community. Canada has a more recent history of contributions in the world where aerodynamic forces and terrestrial restrictions apply less and present new challenges. We have honoured our Astronauts but yet to receive many submissions for the Engineers and Technicians that support and play key roles in creating the missions and machines that make travel and existence in space possible.

I know there are countless stories that tell of accomplishments in the atmosphere meet to be told, and with them we would love to celebrate more of the people that wil take us to the next frontier.

Speaking ob behalf of the Nomination Review Committee, please sent more submissions for them to review. If you have submitted a nomination, please make sure it’s up to date, don’t let it become cold. As a Member of Friend of the Hall, you are the ones we count on to build the roster of who will become the next Honoured Members of Canada’s Aviation Hall of Fame.

Best wishes, Rod